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Yoga and Religion

Over the many years of practicing and teaching yoga, I have had this conversation with so many. I get asked


Moon Days WHY?

Our Yoga practice cultivates a wonderful awareness of our own bodies and of the rhythms of nature. Resting on the


Pregnancy and Yoga

These guidelines are for the experienced Yoga practitioner with a normal pregnancy. Pregnancy is a very special time to become


The Aging Body & Yoga

The beauty about the aging body and the practice of yoga is that there is so much we gain through


Yoga is for Everyone

  Yoga is for everyone and always has been; All who come to the practice are welcome. The young have


Yoga Sūtra 1.1

The Yoga Sutras of Patañjali are full of meaning and over decades of repeated study, deep reflection, and practice each


DIY Yoga Mat Cleaner

Yoga Mat Cleaner With Sanitizing Essential Oil Here’s an easy recipe to create a sanitizing essential oil spray. Directions: Sterilize