Discover the feeling of true wellness through regenerative nutrition, detoxification and iridology...

We all “know” how to live a vibrant life: eat right, exercise, decrease stress. And with all that knowledge, how well do you feel — deep in your bones? 

If you’re not feeling as well as you’d like, you may need support and guidance to implement the right steps.

Whether you’re feeling just a bit off kilter or completely out of balance, Sharon will guide you using safe and natural therapies to help bring the body into balance. Sharon will show you the dietary and lifestyle adjustments that will provide you enhanced nutrition and proper exercise for the body, mind, and spirit.

Benefits of Personal Wellness Coaching

  • Nutrition-based detoxification & education
  • Learning what your body needs through the science of iridology
  • Grocery shopping and meal-planning information
  • Using herbal blends to support and increase wellness
  • Lifestyle choices that will enhance your journey

Don't wait for illness to start valuing wellness.

Personal Wellness Consultation

You may have heard about detox diets, water fasts, and other harsh approaches to cleansing your body internally, but the simple joy of eating Earth’s gifts of fruits, vegetables, and botanicals is the most powerful tool you can use to aid your body in the self-healing regenerative process. Our goal is returning you to a state of equilibrium through a diet that supports a more alkaline chemistry.

As you begin to regenerate, rebuild, and hydrate your body, you’ll start to cleanse your body of the toxins that can damage your health while you begin the process of complete cellular regeneration that leads to true health.

The information your iris holds regarding your body’s cellular strengths and weaknesses is a valuable starting point on your journey to true health. It’s absolutely fascinating to see through your own eyes what is happening inside your body and to watch through your own eyes, literally, as your body detoxes and gains vibrant health.


For your personal nutritional consultations, we can meet:

At your home or gym (mileage rates vary)

At the studio

The Yoga Room at Blue Lotus
306 S. Prospect Ave. Clearwater, FL 33756


How to Register

Call or text: 312.925.9642 (YOGA) for more information

Health Questionaire

To fill our prior to our first meeting. Click to download pdf.

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