Welcome to your journey of becoming the very best version of yourself

I am honored you’re here and I look forward to supporting your growth and making positive changes in your life. 

Through the joy of sharing my journey of yoga, fitness, and wellness over more than 30 years, it’s my intention for you to achieve true health and vitality through a balanced approach that reshapes your body and your mind as you enjoy life fully.

Let’s begin!

Give yourself the same care and attention you give to others -- and watch yourself bloom.

Fall in love with becoming the very best version of yourself.


Your body hears everything your mind says.
So be kind. And gentle. And encouraging.

Meet Sharon Denton

I was first drawn to yoga, fitness and wellness as a child, and began teaching classes in 1989 in my home state of Colorado. Through daily discipline and sincere dedication to discovering best methods for overall wellbeing in mind body and soul, I discovered the deep changes that occurred and it became my life path to share this potential with my students and clients, as I continue to grow as a student myself.

Sharon owns and operates Beyond Wellness, Inc, at her studio in the  Blue Lotus Treatment Center located at 306 South Prospect Ave. in Clearwater Florida, serving the entire Tampa Bay area and students of all levels. The approach of Beyond Wellness is integrating all the elements of wellness – breath, movement, fitness, nutrition – to help bring the body into balance and honoring the journey that supports each individual’s steadiness, safety, comfort, and joy.