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IMG_1498Yoga is for everyone and always has been; All who come to the practice are welcome. The young have come to yoga to develop their potential, the sick have come to yoga to heal and get a fresh perspective and spiritual seekers come to find freedom from the material world and discover peace at the feet of God.

With all the technological devices we have access to today, it is more important then ever for each of us to develop a practice that realigns us with our true nature. Finding a teacher that will meet you where you are at, addressing your personal needs will help you to maintain a life-long practice and make the changes you want in your life.

We learn through conscious movement to use our bodies efficiently and effectively. In doing so we discover an inner harmony, finding more ease in the physical body. Over time, with a dedicated and disciplined practice, we will develop new patterns that decrease physical stress, promote proper posture, freedom in movement, comfort in body an overall contentment leading towards complete wellness. In order for this to happen, it’s important to adapt our asana practice to meet our skeletal and muscular structure. To evolve without injury, it’s important to work with asanas that increase our own unique movement potential. Remain curious, keeping an investigative eye throughout our practice of asana, keeping the inspiration alive, learning and evolving.

In Book 2, Verse 46 of the Yoga Sutras it says that asana must be steady and comfortable. In other words, have attention without tension. Have ease and joy, remaining alert, present, yet relaxed. We do this through the breath for when the breath is at ease and steady our body and mind will follow. When we practice, do the work in the practice with full attention while at the same time providing a beautiful resting place for God in our hearts. The key to working with our personal constitution is by looking at the conditions of our current condition. This changes day to day, and adapting our practice, setting appropriate goals to meet our needs for the day to regain or remain in harmony. Working with a teacher that understands proper sequencing to meet the needs of the students in the class or better yet, one on one or in a small group, is essential to learning this art. We all carry stress, tightness, and for some, even over flexibility, which can all cause pain in the body. Addressing our personal adaptations to find our variation in the posture/s will help to heal, strengthen and create balance.

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Sharon Denton discovered the joy of practicing yoga when she was in middle school. It wasn’t long before her passion for practice formed her passion for teaching, which she’s been doing since 1985. 

In addition, because of her interest in human movement and potential, she also provides personal training and nutrition-based wellness counseling to help her clients build vibrant health.

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