IMG_1474We are all energy and our words and thoughts have an energy to them that will attract more of what we say and think into our lives, therefore, it’s so important to speak and think mindfully to align with our true nature.  This is simply the Law of Attraction.  Just ASK and go on living with trust and ALLOW, BELIEVE, GET OUT OF THE WAY, and LET IT SHOW UP. Watch “Mindful Living” on Manifesting Your Goals in 2014!!! Tools for Manifestation

  • Daily Lists:  Separate the list in two and on the left write your ‘to do’ list for that day.  Make this list doable so that you will accomplish it.  Check/Cross your items off as you get them accomplished so that you are only building this energy of momentum and manifestation.  On the right side of the paper write those things that you give ‘Universe’ to manifest for you.  Examples are:  Writing a  book to finding someone who can install your stereo equipment.
  • Journalizing:  For one month, once a week, write what you want in your journal on the following topics:  My Body, My Family/Relationships, My Home and My Work.  After one month of doing this weekly, continue to do it for the rest of the year, once monthly.  Typically, I suggest doing this on the New Moon, as this is when we are naturally in a quiet space mentally/physically to write.  Purchase a journal that you are attracted to that you will want to write in and make this commitment to.  Use a pen that you like to write with and use nice handwriting so that you make this heartfelt connection.  This method can also be done at anytime, on any paper, to get thoughts and feelings out to allow your future outcome to be manifested.  IMG_1681
  • Poster or Box:  Using poster board or a box that is beautiful to you, place clip outs of magazines and newspapers etc onto your poster or into your beautiful box and when you do declare that “Whatever goes on/in IS”.  Using the poster board with kids and teens, is a great way for them to begin aligning with these things they would like to see in their lives.

Our Emotions are a guidance system that indicate how we are feeling….This is a barometer of are we aligned with our True Nature or not.  When we are aligned with our Source Energy we see life through Source and we are going in the flow.  When we are not in the flow, there are many ways to get back into the flow.  Try these methods the next time your feeling anxiety, sadness, anger, fear, depression, irritated and your rowing up stream rather then going with the flow.

  • Appreciation:  Look around you and see all the things there are to appreciate.  Look at the order IMG_1682of the street lights, look and the cross guards helping the school kids get to school safely, watch the kids cross, look at the tree or the flowers across the way and admire their beauty, watch the interactions of all these things taking place and appreciate the goodness around you.
  • Meditation:  When we slow down the breath our emotions will come into balance.  When we meditate the mind becomes centered on the breath, mental image or mantra and when there is not thought, there is no resistance.  You begin to realign with your True Nature and you look through the eyes of Source.
  • Yoga:  Once again, just as in meditation, your focus is on the breath and you are moving to your breath and by doing so, you get out of your head and ground into your heart and align with your true nature, as well as, create health and vibrance in your body from the practice.IMG_1494
  • Nature Walk:   Neighborhood walk to going to a trail, park, beach, foothills or mountains and connect with your breath and the steps your take to your breath.  Relax and just breath and enjoy.
  • Invite the Energy of a Smile!  This is so easy and so effective…and can be done anywhere, anytime.

Biggest Obstacle: Delete the word “but” from your vocabulary.  Speak the amazing things going on in your life and acknowledge the community around you that is there to help you to accomplish your goals.  Your emotions are your guidance system, so allow your awareness of them to help you to come back into your alignment with Source.

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