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IMG_1041Are you on a digital devices the majority of the day?  Whether it be your smart phones, lap tops, or any other hand held device, in addition to the television, many of you are constantly submerged with electronic stimulus.  It is now so important to turn off, to make time for you to recharge your own battery and reconnect to what’s most important.

It use to be that living in the fast lane was something to be looked up to, something to work towards and meant you were successful.  The speed of life has gotten so fast that if you don’t slow down and take time for yourself to fill our own tank, overtime you will putter out.  In fact, more and more of you find that you have less and less time and are experiencing high stress levels that will in time contribute to health and mental shut downs.

Down time is so critical for your body and most importantly, your mind. Unplugging from your smart phone and digital devices will help to recharge yourself.  When you are constantly on the go, you risk losing track of what’s important in your life.

Setting time aside daily to recuperate and to reconnect with yourself is important so that your available to listen to your intuition, your heart, notice when you are stressed so you can manage it and build your spiritual energy.  Do this by making time to be quiet and let the body and mind be still.  It’s essential that you make this time for yourself and not feel guilty for doing so.  When you do make this time for yourself, you will be able to respond to stressful situations, rather then react. You will have a shifted attitude that resonates in the world around you and you will be more productive and energized in harmony.  Making time for yourself is the ticket to knowing your truth and your true purpose in this lifetime.

Integration and Renewal Techniques
Smart Phone Rules (this applies for any digital device):  Set a time, for before bed, to turn your phone to silent (or off) and not use it after this time.  Allow a few hours before bed to be stimulus free. Just like you brush your teeth upon waking and before going to bed, make this habit.  Your overall health will thank you for it!

Yoga:  This ancient practice will help you to integrate your mind and your body and help you to feel connected to the deeper parts of your mind and spirit.

Meditation:  Take 5 minutes a day to sit in a comfortable position with your spine long and breathe deeply, watching your breath and witness your mind, bringing your attention back to your breath each time your mind turns to thought.  This help to turn off the monkey mind, allowing you to focus more.

Take Mini Breaks:  Take 5 minute breaks to stretch or read something inspirational, watch a bird outside your window or take some deep calming breaths.  This will nourish you from inside out.

Time to Eat:  Make time to sit down in a peaceful setting and enjoy and savor your meals.  Take time to give grace for the meal your about to eat.

Take the Dogs for a Walk:  Go out into nature, feel the sunshine, breathe the fresh air, move and enjoy your surroundings.  Play with your pets and enjoy the love they give to you unconditionally.

Make Time for your Friends and Family:  Never get so hurried that you never make time for these important relationships.  Make quality time, where you can be present, giving them your full attention with your spouse, children, parents, family and friends, allowing you to connect more intimately.

Slowing down and making time for yourself is essential, especially in this day and age.  In order for you to be healthy minded and physically and spiritually fit, you must make time to recharge and connect with the whats most important in your life.  When you do this, you will feel a sense of balance and feel connected to everyone around you.  You will feel restored and maintain a level of energy that will enhance your life!


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