Led Full Primary…..Why?

DSC_0099Once a Week… Vinyasa has become a popular name to describe many yoga classes, as the meaning of it is the ‘careful linking of the breath to our movement’. In Ashtanga Yoga, especially those of you who practice the traditional Mysore Method, vinyasa goes a step further by teaching the various number of linked breaths to movements it takes, to move through your practice. Because of the difficult nature of remembering and mastering the various vinyasa, weekly, guided-group classes are taught, in which all vinyasa are verbally counted and all students follow along accordingly. Every Mysore student should practice one led class each week. As one participates in a led Half or Full Primary, it’s important not to push past or take more postures, if you are not practicing all of these postures already. Listen to your body and move together as a group as the count is given. Take modifications as you need and practice up to the posture that you normally take in the Mysore Class. Once you reach you last asana, sit and observe the others in class and join back in at back-bending. By observing other students, whom have been practicing the Full Primary, you will learn so much. Traditionally, Mysore students take led practice on Friday or Sunday. Commit to taking a weekly led class and you will discover new ways to approach your daily practice.  Full Primary is held on Sunday’s at 9:30-11am. 


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Sharon Denton discovered the joy of practicing yoga when she was in middle school. It wasn’t long before her passion for practice formed her passion for teaching, which she’s been doing since 1985. 

In addition, because of her interest in human movement and potential, she also provides personal training and nutrition-based wellness counseling to help her clients build vibrant health.

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